Introduction & Purpose.

Hi there!

First I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Kelly Robyn from Los Angeles, CA. I have a background in fashion photography & a BFA in graphic design. I'm also the owner of another online business What brings me here is because I'm so obsessed with designing & connecting with other female entrepreneurs.

(I'm really like your #1 fan)

Which is why I'm launching [] which specializes in creating ultra-chic logo designs, clean & modern branding, social media kits & photo styling to help Boss Babes like you kickstart their businesses in the most visually stunning way possible. 

Now that my introduction is stated and you're not wondering who the heck I am, I'd like to talk to you about purpose, and how I've discovered mine. This is my second online business I'm launching in the span of three years. I'm hoping that maybe through my crazy story on how I got here, I can help you discover your purpose too. 

I started my first online business Miss With-it! when I was in a very low point in my life.

After I graduated from Design school, I ditched everything I owned (including my car, bed, camera & record collection), and I left my family and friends behind in California in order to live out my dream of living & working in London.

I had always wanted to live in London. It's such a creative, fashion forward, BRILLIANT city, that it has always captivated me in ways nowhere else could. I wanted to feel a part of something bigger. I wanted to be in a place where I could be constantly inspired with every turn of my head. (Plus the men in London really have personal style NAILED DOWN.)

I absolutely LOVED London, and everyday was like living the dream.

I worked in a design studio in Oxford Circus at the heart of London. I was so inspired daily, just like I had always hoped. I had no regrets about ditching everything and jumping the pond. But, after some time, it didn't work out in London for me because of UK visa restrictions, so I had to come back to the States with nothing but a massive feeling of defeat.

I felt like such a Failure. CAPITAL "F"

I was so sad, lost and ashamed that my dream didn't work out for the long term, no matter how much hard work and positive thought had gone into making it a reality.

It's hard for me to publicly admit, but I went through many months of crying every day.

I would constantly beat myself up and I had many identity crisis freak outs that my poor mother had to deal with on the regular. It was a huge process to build myself back up again.

Then one day I realized, this IS my reality so I better learn to like it, or even love it.

So, I was sick in bed one day, and I wanted to feel somewhat productive, so I just started coming up with funny sayings, and designing them on pillows to entertain myself and give myself a little chuckle. I shared them on social media for my friends to see, and everything picked up from there. From the positive response I received, I continued designing more. And through this my first business Miss With-it was born.

While I was in the midst of my deep sadness & constant pity parties - I focused all of my energy on starting up this new business.

It brought me so much joy when my audience thought my designs were funny and shared them with their friends. I love making people laugh, and I absolutely love it when my customers tag me in a photo on social media of how they are enjoying their Miss With-it products, because I really care.

I couldn't be more grateful to everyone for their support of my first business, Miss With-it.

Now looking back, (and forward) from my own experience building a brand, I'm compassionate for other business owners. It's not an easy task to build something out of nothing. It's a lot of work to not only build a brand from the ground up, but to create a lasting impression in the minds of your potential clients & customers. 

I'm gonna admit something to you, throughout my life I have always felt like a lone wolf in search of a creative community with other like minded people that just "get it."

Maybe you feel the same?

Well, now I'm determined to create this kind of community and connect with other Boss Babes that are starting their own businesses all over the world. 

Look, I know you're a busy lady & you don't have time to waste. I've been there. You need to grab attention & keep it, so I design with that in mind. 

With my streamlined creative process, I turn around visuals within a matter of days & some things you may download instantly on [] - so you can get back to doing your Boss Babe things with even more elegance & style!

Let's make your brand stand out from the rest & be BFF's while we do it. I'm really excited to connect with you!

To wrap up my point today, I'd like to leave you with this incredible quote: 

"Failure is a much more faithful teacher than immediate success."

And remember, passion & grace will take you places just hustling can't. 

But until then, keep hustling!


Kelly Robyn

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