5 Reasons Why Branding Is So Valuable For Your Business

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Thanks for being here today. Every Tuesday I'll be posting resource information about a collection of useful topics to help you strategize and grow your empires! Last week I revealed this free & easy tip to step up your instagram game. And this week I'm sharing 5 reasons why branding adds so much value to your business. This is so important, so keep reading!

Branding is way more than just a pretty logo. 

The whole process of branding is what creates a concrete foundation to form a fabulous cohesive brand, where every piece of the puzzle fits together perfectly. It is so important to invest the time and effort thinking about the vision and future of your brand from the ground up. 

When you're just starting out in your business, you may be feeling afraid to invest in good branding. You may think you can do it yourself, or have a friend do it for free for you.

But rather than starting small, why not start big?

If you want to create a business that's memorable, with potential for big growth, then the investment in great branding is SO worth the overall positive effects and growth potential for your brand. The value that great branding can bring to your business can be priceless and incredibly valuable.

So, here's 5 reasons to clarify why:


Your personality is important to showcase in your business so that your clients and customers can feel like they can connect with you, especially if you're an online business. People really want to buy from people, not big corporations. The more you insert your personality into your business, the more you can create a connection with people, which ultimately converts them into clients.

Great branding does this.

It cracks open the window to air out the stuffiness of the professional bit, and brings in the fresh breeze of personality that will appeal to your dream clients. 

When I work with new clients, I like to ask questions and talk about why a client chooses you over someone else, so I can emphasize that.

I want to know what makes your company amazing, special, and unique!

I want to help you highlight those unique facets of your personality that will make your dream client excited to work with you. 


Having a cohesive presence for your business makes your business stand out and be recognized. It also builds trust with your viewers, and proves that you're a true badass professional. Being cohesive means curating all of your visuals across all the important platforms from your social media, website, brick & mortar, blog, packaging, email marketing and displays.  

Great branding creates this!

The big picture goal of cohesive branding is that you want to be recognizable across platforms. So if someone follows you on Twitter, they'll recognize you if they find you on Instagram or your blog too.

Everything should have the same visual presence.

You should be using the same logo, the same fonts, colors, and just promoting the same related content everywhere. Great branding helps to make sure you establish a clear brand vision, so that everything you post boosts the big vision for your brand. 


If you haven't taken the time to analyze who your dream clients are, how you're different from your competitors or develop your brand vision then it's really hard to make great branding happen for your business.

I would be careful working with any designer that doesn't ask you important questions about the foundation of your brand. Definitely a RED FLAG.

Because having a strong foundation is a vital part of creating a great branding experience. So taking the time to develop this vision will help your business in the long run. Plus it helps to make things ultra clear for you, which then ensures that you don't get overwhelmed and confused about your direction.


You can have a brilliant business, with great ideas, but if no one knows about it then you will never grow in the way that you want to. You want to be constantly building awareness about your business, in order to reach your dream customers.

Everything you do on social media, your blog, pinterest, etc. should be driving traffic to your website or store. You have to bring them to you, otherwise your business or website is literally just a lonely island. 

For example, will you have an email newsletter sign up, a weekly blog, or an awesome social media presence?

You can't get customers if they don't even know you exist.

Part of great branding strategy includes how you will build that awareness around your brand. This should be decided in the foundation of building your brand.


Engagement is what you get when you have great branding! When you have created a cohesive presence across the board, people will start to discover your business and word of mouth will spread. Which is just what you want, because then your business will begin to gain not just awareness, but also people's attention and trust. 

If there's no cohesiveness, and your messaging and imagery is all over the place, then it will be hard to gain much excitement or engagement around your brand.

People need to know exactly why your business is fabulous, and exactly how you can help them. Otherwise, it would be like herding cats...


All cats aside... you want quick growth?

Well, it comes from having a clear message, and great branding.

I can help you create a brand worthy of your big dreams. Click the image below: