This Free & Easy Trick Will Step Up Your Instagram Game

Hi there, Boss Babes!

Thanks for being here today. Every Tuesday I'll be posting resource information about a collection of useful topics to help you strategize and grow your empires! This week I'm sharing a free and easy trick that I use with Instagram that helps make it way more simple to have engaging and good content for my audience on the regular. This will practically automate your Instagram for you, which is great because you're a busy babe, and this is one less thing to worry about.

You're going to love this simple trick, so keep reading!

Instagram is one of my favorite social media apps. It's a wonderful way to connect with my audience in an appealing visual way, and to express my creativity. I follow a ton of fabulous Boss Babes, and there's a flood of beautiful images in my feed everyday. As much fun as it is, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to stay consistent and post everyday at the same time.

As I talked about in my last blog 5 Easy Strategies To Skyrocket Your Followers On Instagram it's very important to stay consistent. Once you start a pattern, your audience begins to trust you. They will begin to expect you to post around the same time everyday, and they may look forward to it. By not being consistent, this is the biggest way to lose followers. By remaining consistent and having fun with it, you'll be able to keep growing a fabulous engaged community. 

Yes, I'll admit...

I have days when I have something I'm super excited to share, and other days I'm either too busy to post, or I simply just don't feel like posting.

I think we've all been there

So here's the simple trick to make your Instagram game strong, plus make your life a heck of a lot more simple:

Archiving. Keep reading & I'll explain why it's awesome & how you can do it too.


№ 1. Archiving helps you to be more selective about what to post.

It's important to only be posting the "gems" to your feed. You never want to flood your audiences' feed with a ton of images all at once. That's a sure way to annoy them, and lose followers, no matter how good your intentions were. This helps you to also orchestrate & curate how your feed looks from a distance. When someone views your profile for the first time you want them to say, "ooh, this profile is gorgeous. I MUST FOLLOW!" 

№ 2. Archiving saves you when you're too busy or just having a "blah" day.

For example, let's say you're having an irritating day. The last thing you want is your frantic or irritated self showing up in your captions or ranting all over the place. On days like this, it's important to just take a giant step back, and just choose from one of your archived options with a lovely caption already inserted. People don't need to know all of your business. This way you can spare your audience the gory details, and you won't have people thinking, "geez... what's her deal?!" 

№ 3. Archiving is great for "filler" content.

Stumped on what to post today? Well, good thing you have an archive of beautiful images you can choose from with the captions already in place. Now you don't even have to think of what to say. How cool is that? Uh, life saver! 

OK. So now that you have an understanding of why archiving rules, I'm going to teach you the step-by-step process of how you can do it too.



You want this image to be revelant to your feed. For example: it could be a photo for a scheduled future blog post you have coming up, an image you took recently, or a beautiful "filler" image you'd like to #regram at some point (IMPORTANT: when regramming content, you always need to give credit to the original poster) 

For this example, I've decided to choose the blog post image for this specific blog. I'm going to post it this morning to let my audience know that there's a new blog post that they might be interested in reading, or that could help someone they know.  


I totally get it. Most of the time half the battle of posting to instagram is choosing an engaging caption that gets peoples attention. That's why archiving is so wonderful.You get the chance to sit down when you have a moment to really think through what you want to say without the pressure of having to post it right then and there.

How I do it: if I have 20 minutes to sit down, I'll archive a couple posts for the week ahead. I've even sat down for two hours and archived over 20 posts. Man, that felt productive! And if I change my mind about something, I can always go back and edit before I decide to post it. 


This part is key. This is how you archive the post. Instead of pressing "share" like you normally would, you have to hit the back button. Once you do this the options of "Save Draft" or "Discard" become available. 

This is when you press the important and life changing button "Save Draft." (You can thank me later) 

Once you press this button, your image and your lovely, well thought out caption are now archived in your "drafts" folder. 






So now every time you open Instagram, right above your photo library there will be your "drafts" folder. As you can see, I have 54 archived posts in my folder. So, to see all of the fabulous archived posts you've created, you just need to click on the "Manage" button. 

From there, you just choose whichever archived post you want to post that day. Click on it to open it up. Your caption will be saved with the image. Next, all you have to do is press "Share". Voila! Your thoughtful new gem of a post is now live, and is shared with all of your audience to see! 



Some days you do just want to be real, in the moment and connect with your thoughts. Or maybe you saw something absolutely stunning and you just had to share it right then and there. That's great! I definitely urge you to connect this way as much as possible. But since we're on the subject of being real... we're all human and we have our good days and our not-so-good days. This is something that's worked for me, and my intention is to share it with you to help you along the path to building that empire of yours. 

So... get it, girl! 

And remember, passion & grace will take you places just hustling can't. 

But until then, keep hustling!


Kelly Robyn

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