The Major Importance of Having "F*CK THIS SHIT..." Moments

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Thanks for being here today! Every Tuesday I'll be posting resource information about a collection of useful topics to help you strategize and grow your empires! Last week I shared Four Ways To Dream Bigger And Achieve The Unrealistic. And this week I'm sharing a totally different kind of subject: the MAJOR importance of having "F*ck this shit... this is not who I am" moments. I'm going to keep this one short today, so just hear me out.


11 months ago I was fired from a job that I hated.

Have you ever been in a job that you hated? Maybe you are, or maybe you have been. And if you have, then I'm sure you know what I mean when I say that I felt like I was wilting inside at that job, and it was sooo obvious.

I knew it wasn't for me, but I held on because I wasn't fully confident in my abilities as an entrepreneur. I was playing it safe. I have always been such a risk taker but the idea of working for myself was SO SCARY. 

Fear is really just excitement disguised in an ugly outfit.

I had been trying to build my first business (@shopmisswithit) on the side while working that job, because I thought it was the smart thing to do. But in reality my business was actually suffering because of the amount of time I would have to spend at this job, which was setting off all kinds of alarms with my intuition.

I let this feeling endure for way too long, and then one day I walked into work and I just knew it was going to be my last day. And it was. It was the first time I had ever been fired, and as much as that can hurt the ego and the resumé, I was actually super grateful to be released.

Next came battling LOADS of Fear.

I wasn't sure if I should just go out and get another similar lame job, or if I should just finally give my business a chance to succeed. I had to decide quickly, so I decided to take the leap and go full time into running my first online business @shopmisswithit (who knew just 10 months later I'd start my second online business here at @misskellyrobynco)

But here's the deal:

People will always tell you to just do what makes you happy, but a lot of this has been hard work and I'm not always happy. And I don't think you should just do what makes you happy, I think you should do what makes you GREAT.

Do what's uncomfortable and scary but pays off in the long run. Be willing to fail. Everyone feels stuck sometimes, and everyone fails too. But I think being in contrast with your element is the best way to know exactly who you are and what you want.

I think you really need to have those, "F*ck this shit... this is not who I am" moments, because that's how you learn to trust your own voice, ideas, and authenticity.

Through this you will find your way. And there's not always just one way...

Always create many paths.

Remember, passion & grace will take you places just hustling can't. 

But until then, keep hustling!


Kelly Robyn

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