The Addictive Habit That's Killing Your Chances Of Success

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Thanks for being here today! Every Tuesday I'll be posting resource information about a collection of useful topics to help you strategize and grow your empires! Last week I shared The MAJOR importance of having "F*ck this shit... this is not who I am" moments.  This week I'm discussing the one silent killer that can completely derail you from achieving your goal of having a successful business. 

We're all hyper-connected now, and it's never been easier to constantly check in on others lives and businesses to compare ourselves to that image of success.

I've done it, we've all done it.

It's a defeating feeling as an entrepreneur to feel like others are achieving success 10x faster or better than you. The comparison impulse is addictive, and deadly to keep a healthy mindset and determined drive. Comparing yourself to others is one of the biggest silent killers for small businesses. 

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. 

Everyday people spend hours comparing themselves to others, and most people don't even realize this because it's become so normal and engrained in our daily lives. 

Comparison is soul killing even if you don't have a small business. But when you do have a business it becomes even more serious. Every time you compare your ideas, life, or business strategy to others, you're unfairly killing any chance your business has of succeeding.

Comparison is a silent killer and the ultimate thief of joy.

What are your vices? Are you following certain people on social media? Or checking the same websites everyday that leaves you feeling empty and awful?

Don't just rely on will power. 

Unfollow the people that you compare yourself to on social media, or if you google "free website blocker" you may choose from many options of website blocking tools to help prevent you from visiting sites that just waste your time.  

Time is non-refundable, be deliberate and use it with intention. 

Success is NOT like nachos, it doesn't just run out.

Say it with me, "success is not like nachos." There is more than enough opportunity to go around for everyone. It's not about who gets the first chip, or the last because there's no such thing. Someone else's success doesn't mean there's less success available for you. 

The very best remedy for feeling behind is really just getting ahead. Put those blinders on, and use that yucky feeling to your advantage to drive you forward. 

Remember, passion & grace will take you places just hustling can't. 

But until then, keep hustling!


Kelly Robyn


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