5 Ways Good Branding Will Boost Your Business

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Thanks for being here today! Every Tuesday I post resource information about a collection of useful topics to help you strategize and grow your empires! Last week I shared How To Make More Sales And Attract Your Dream Clients and this week I'm talking about how good cohesive branding will boost your business. 

Are you an online business, start-up, small business or brick and mortar? At some point you may be wondering when you need to start branding your business. Maybe you're not even sure what branding is exactly, or why it matters. Maybe you don't have time for branding, you don't think you need it yet, or you think a friend can do it for you for cheap. (cringe)

The answer to all of this: 

You need to start branding your business immediately. 


Here's why:

Branding is much more than just a logo, it is how your client FEELS when they think of your business. Solid branding is the key to a successful business. Working with a branding designer is so worth the investment because they will help you figure out the foundation of your business, uncover your dream clients, and create a clear cohesive brand voice throughout the entire customer experience.

Cohesive branding is essential growing your business. Branding is everywhere. Think of it this way, your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. A brand is what people say, think, and feel about your business. You have the power to influence this with strong, cohesive branding. Branding is all about influencing people's perceptions. 

Do you feel like there's a disconnect between you and your customers?

Maybe your branding isn't portraying your brand at it's best to influence the best perceptions from your customers. The goal here would be to create cohesive branding, so that people say exactly what you want them to say about your business.

Here’s why being cohesive will boost your business:



Branding is all about creating a consistent experience with your customer, from social media, your emails, your website, and blog content. Through this consistent experience, people will start to recognize your brand across all platforms. This builds trust, because our brains are wired this way. It's essential to make sure you're consistently putting out the same message every time. 

How are you building your customers trust so they feel motivated to buy from you? The most effective way is to be consistent in all of your branding and give your dream clients that cohesive experience. 



When you have an outline, a guidebook, or templates when you're creating content, social media graphics or emails, it's so much easier than fumbling around on the computer for several hours trying to make it look decent. Imagine if you had to only drop in the text, then voila! You can now get back to doing other important things. This is what cohesive branding is, a vital guidebook.

Having your colors, typography, and layouts laid out for how to use them will make everything that much easier for you. It cuts the guessing game of what fonts look good together, or what colors make sense. You'll no longer have to wondering if your content looks good enough, or if you're speaking to the right audience. 

How long do you spend in photoshop trying to make a social media graphic that works? How long do you try to have a blog post graphic that will make you stand out on pinterest/instagram/twitter/facebook? 

Stop wasting your time, and let's start creating cohesive branding. 



You should enjoy introducing yourself, and feeling really confident in what you do. Do you get excited to show people your social media or website right there in the moment? I sure do! You should feel confident too! 

The sooner you develop your vision and mission statement the better. This involves defining your dream clients, and knowing exactly how you can help them. 

Be clear. Be confident. Be proud! 

A branding designer will help you figure out the answers to these hard + confusing questions, TO create a solid gold one-line introduction so that you can be more confident in your business.



People care about looks. Growing up I noticed my Dad would buy literally anything if it had nice packaging. Black and gold was his favorite, haha.

Having consistent visuals makes you look better, more appealing, trustworthy, and shareable. Your branding and the key to your success is all about how you package and deliver yourself as a brand. 

Let your branding be a representation of your skills, ability, knowledge, etc. and people will start to understand your value.



You want to get super specific, detailed, and focused on what you really want out of your business – so that you can create the vision and achieve it.

Let's get clear with your message and see how things radically change for you. Whether you are trying to appear more professional or increase sales, I've created a something that's perfect to help you up-level your business and achieve your goals. 

I believe we should all utilize our skills for good, and to help assist others. My skills are branding, design, and photography. So, that's why I've designed this new program:

the branding brigade

This is a *limited availability* fully custom tailored branding experience that includes literally EVERYTHING you need to kickstart or up-level your business. From business cards, logo designs, website assistance, social media kits, email templates, professional photography, and more...! I want to help you stand out from your competition and become the business you've always envisioned. 

I'm only offering this to a couple hand selected *new clients*, so you must sign up to snag your spot before the deadline. 


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P.S. This is the start of something incredible for you! Can you feel it?!

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