Amazing Transformation: The Before & After Re-branding/Blog Design by Kelly Robyn Co.


I just LOVE brand makeovers and capturing my clients authentic personality and unique style! That's why I'm excited to share with you the amazing transformation of this Old Hollywood Lover/Writer/Youtuber's before & after rebranding experience with me.

I worked with Lauren to completely rebrand with everything from a new logo, color theme, consistent typography, inspired website/blog design, gorgeous Elite Photo Shoot in Palm Springs, business cards, an eye catching revamp to her YouTube videos, my secret tips on social media, and helping her become really clear to define exactly what her goals were to uncover the woman she had a vision of becoming. 

I believe in the power of an abundant & positive mindset, so working with me isn't just about design or photography. I really want to dive deeper, and discover where the true value of rebranding lies for you. So that I feel like I can best serve you, I want to discover what makes you tick, what your biggest goals are, and how you really want to be understood/heard.

Whenever I work with a new client, I make it a strong point to surround the course of working together with positivity and abundance from the start. From the moment I send that first invoice over, I express an inner gratitude for the faith they have in working with me to bring their vision to life. Then in my mind I say, "may they make this money back tenfold from the results of working with me."

Branding is considered to be the most vital investment in the success of your business. And the way I see it is, I'm paying it forward and applying that investment towards their dreams. My intention is always to support and move their vision forward and manifest it into a reality. 

Lauren has such a unique style and vision, it was so much fun and such a pleasure to work with her to bring that out! I'm so excited to see where she goes from here, including her book that'll be coming out soon. (Truly exciting!) Follow along her colorful & intriguing journey: @laurensemar

Below you may read Lauren's testimonial from working with me, and the before & after of her rebranding experience! 

Lauren's Testimonial

Elite Portrait Session in Palm Springs

youtube before + after

Business Cards

Blog Design Before & After

Home Page Design Before & After


About Page Design Before & After

Links Page Design Before & After

Contact Page Design Before & After

Brand Mood Board



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