Elite Palm Springs Photo Shoot With Writer, Christina Smith

Nothing makes me happier than when I get to capture the personality + inner glow of amazing people doing cool shit in the world. I loved shooting with Christina around Palm Springs, CA. Christina is a writer + very excited for her upcoming book, Will of Wishes. I felt very connected to her after learning about her incredible story upon our first meeting. She has such a big heart + I can just imagine amazing things happening for her. Before our shoot I had her fill out one of my branding questionnaires, which is great for both of us to get an understanding of what direction to take the shoot in order to remain consistent with her big vision.

It's so important for any creative to really make their client feel like you understand their big vision, otherwise, what are you really doing?? The questionnaire asks important questions such as:

 "How do you want to introduce yourself?"

 "Where do you want to go? Tell me about your goals for the next 5 years."

"Intentions are key to getting the results you want in your life +
business. So what’s your main goal or desired outcome from this

"I operate with the belief that anything is possible + that’s how
I would urge you to live your life + run your business as well.
So I’d love for you to list out your “anything could happen”
dreams for your life + business."

These are only a couple of questions from the questionnaire, but very important ones because they help me get an understanding of the big vision Christina has for her life/book/business. This also pushes her to dig deeper + to not be afraid of dreaming BIG. During this questionnaire she was able to take her time, dig deep + really envision the type of woman she wants to become. This is such an important part of the process + I love being a part of it because the photo shoot then feels so evolutionary. It's amazing to see my clients step into the person they envision becoming. That is my main goal with everything I do. 





I am now booking photo sessions with bloggers, brands, creatives + awesome entrepreneurs in the LA area! Whether you need new photos for your website, blog, social media or product photography then I'd love to work with you!


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