My LIVE "Real Talk" Interview on Kitchen Table Talk

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Thanks for being here today! On this blog I've written a lot about brand voice, and the importance of telling your story in order to connect with your audience. That's why today I'm posting this live interview in order for my audience to get to know me on a deeper level, and connect on these "real talk" subjects... Maybe we'll have something in common!

I was on a live unedited show last Tuesday called 'Kitchen Table Talk' with my good friend and total BOSS babe, Lauren Clayton. We sat down for some "real talk", Mexican food and Tequila at a Tortilla Republic in West Hollywood to chat about a wide range of subjects from: what major life events brought me to where I am now in entrepreneurship, my goals/what inspires me, spirituality and how it plays into my work/relationships, my definition of freedom and happiness, and what I want my legacy to be.

Lauren asked me so many amazing and introspective questions, and since I know Lauren very well, I felt like I was able to express my most passionate and honest self and talk about some real shit with her. As an entrepreneur it's been a very interesting journey, and the support I've acquired over the years means the absolute world to me. Click the play button on the video below to watch :)

Lauren Clayton - The Owner of @scrumptiouscreolekitchen

Kelly Robyn - The Owner of

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