Living and working in London is a big part of my story. After I finished with Design school I sold everything I owned, left all of my friends and family behind to move to London. I had visited once before, and felt such a connection to the energy of the city. Moving there was a big exciting opportunity that I just had to take the risk and experience. Even though it was a lonely experience most of the time, I was so incredibly inspired everyday that I didn't let that loneliness sink in or take me down. 

I'm someone who loves to pay attention to all of the beauty in the details, and I'm just a big sponge wherever I go. In London, it's all about the details. The sense of style is effortlessly chic, and so important that nothing seems to ever be cheapened. London refined my eye and amplified my love for classic design style and appreciation for beautiful timeless branding. Being a human sponge, I would collect the beautiful details and images in my mind, and now this collection of details often comes out in various ways in my approach to branding, design, and photography.

While living in London, my apartment was the size of a closet (not kidding! I didn't even have space to do yoga) and my bathroom the size of an airplane bathroom. But I lived close to central London, so I felt super grateful to be in middle of all of the action. I worked at a design studio in Oxford Circus from 9-5, but I spent as much time exploring as I possibly could. So on my lunch breaks I would take the busses, sit at the top/front of the bus to get the best view of everything - the top of a double decker bus is seriously the best view in London! 

Kelly Robyn Co. is located in Los Angeles now, but my style remains to be inspired by the classic and timeless flair of the UK and Europe. I've created a visual story below to express everything that stimulates me about London, and how it refined my style in design, photography, and personal style. 

What has inspired you to become the person you are today? Is it a city? A book? A person? Write it in the comments below! 

Do you have a business or are looking to start a business? Whether you are trying to appear more professional or increase sales, I provide a full service approach to design, branding, and photography to help you create something timeless and amazing! Whether you need professional portraits, a facelift for your brand or blog, a brochure, e-book, or website design I can help you up-level your business and achieve your goals.

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