Twist. Shake. Mix. Bringing you a craft bar and renowned bartender in a bottle. Craft the perfect cocktail anywhere, anytime, every time. 

Kelly Robyn Co. originally worked with DRNXMYTH to create a stand out packaging design in order for their brand to pop out on the shelves. Along with the packaging design, she included a solid brand manual with uses of color, fonts, and photography styles to follow. DRNXMYTH wanted each bottled cocktail to represent a different ambiance, and lifestyle - so they wanted each bottle to be different from the others but still have similarities to tie them all together as a brand. Once the packaging designs were delivered, DRNXMYTH decided to continue working further with Kelly to create social media content for the brand in order to build a following, and keep their audience engaged while the product was being formulated, produced and packaged.