Hi, I'm Kelly.

I provide a full service approach to brand styling for Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness brands, through the eyes of an experienced entrepreneur. My intention is to support & move your vision forward in order to bring your dream business to life through refined design, beautiful photography & a positive mindset. 

I believe success comes from consistent branding & consistent mindset. 

I'm dedicated to helping you create a brand that showcases your unique vision & personality. Let's get clear with your message + see how things radically change for you! 

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How I work:

I work with Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness brands to provide a full service approach to brand styling with design & photo. I also believe in the power of an abundant & positive mindset, so working with me isn't just about design or photography. I believe success comes from consistent branding & a consistent mindset. I want to discover where the true value of branding lies for you. So that I feel like I can best serve you, I want to know what your biggest goals are & how you really want to be understood/heard.

My intention is never to press my own style onto any of my clients but to capture & amplify the essence of their own authentic personality & unique style. I work like a chameleon/sponge to gather all of the details of you, your vision, personality, WHAT you want to express, HOW you want to be heard & WHY you do what you do in the first place - because people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The results are always different because everyone is unique & has their own special vision.

I work with women & men who are 110% committed to their success. They have a strong desire to up-level themselves & aren't afraid to invest in their business in order to propel forward towards their dreams. Branding is considered to be the most vital investment in the success of your business, and the way I see it is, through my skills & knowledge I'm paying it forward & applying that investment towards your big vision.