Power Photo Shoot

Power Photo Shoot


This photo shoot is meant to be a quick one hour power shoot thats perfect for someone that just needs a couple photos to get started.

What you can expect:

We’ll typically shoot for up to 1 hour.

The location of the shoot will be utilized to the fullest.

You may choose up to two outfit changes.

7 pro-edited photos of your choice will be included.

Los Angeles based photographer. 

Perhaps the most essential element of your branding will be the imagery you share. It's important to give your audience more opportunities to connect with you as the face of your business, and your audience will definitely grow. Over time your audience will start to recognize your brand, your unique style, and authentic personality through the portraits/images you choose to share with them. 

Your business needs a face and a personality. When was the last time you shared a picture of yourself? When was the last time you shared something about YOU?


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