Kelly Robyn


Kelly has extensive experience in graphic design, branding & photography. She first developed her eye for design while shooting fashion photography in Paris, London & Berlin. Her skills & years of experience in photography sharpened her eye & led her to attend design school to compliment her love for photography. After receiving her BFA in Graphic Design, Kelly continued her international resumé by working for a design studio in the heart of London. Living abroad helped refine her classic design style & appreciation for beautiful branding.

Upon her return to Los Angeles, Kelly felt inspired to launch her first online business. She always felt like she had an entrepreneurial spirit & had big dreams of starting an online business that allowed her the freedom to work from wherever. But starting a business was much harder than she expected. So everyday she dedicated herself to learning the in's & outs of business, branding, and social media. On her own, she built her business to be fully API automated with a USA manufacturer that fulfills her on-demand orders & drop ships to her customers.  Kelly is proud to say her business has been featured in Buzzfeed, People, Seventeen, Self, & Nylon Magazine (without a PR agency). Kelly is also a proud Alumni of Marie Forleo's B-School.

From starting her first online business, Kelly has learned everything it takes to up-level a brand in order to get noticed. Kelly’s intention is to support & move your vision forward in order to help you bring your vision to life & to reach your dream audience through refined design and beautiful photography.