about kelly

design + photo + positive mindset

Kelly has extensive experience in graphic design, branding & photography. She first developed her eye for design while shooting fashion photography in Paris, London & Berlin. Her skills & years of experience in photography sharpened her eye & led her to attend design school to compliment her love for photography. After receiving her BFA in Graphic Design, Kelly continued her international resumé by working for a design studio in the heart of London. Living abroad helped refine her classic design style & appreciation for beautiful branding.

Upon her return to Los Angeles, Kelly felt inspired to launch her first online business (www.misswithit.com). She always felt like she had an entrepreneurial spirit & had big dreams of starting an online business that allowed her the freedom to work from wherever. But starting a business was much harder than she expected. So everyday she dedicated herself to learning the in's & outs of business & branding. On her own, she built her business to be fully API automated & is proud to say it's been featured in Buzzfeed, People, Seventeen, Self, & Nylon Magazine. Kelly is also a proud Alumni of Marie Forleo's B-School.

From starting her first business, Kelly has learned everything it takes to up-level a brand in order to get noticed. Kelly’s intention is to support & move your vision forward in order to help you bring your vision to life & to reach your dream audience through refined design, beautiful photography & mindset work. 

Dedicated to helping you create a brand that showcases your unique vision & personality - her goal is never to press her own style onto any of her clients, but to capture & amplify the essence of their own authentic personality & unique style. Kelly works like a chameleon/sponge to gather all of the details of you, your vision, personality, WHAT you want to express, HOW you want to be heard & WHY you do what you do in the first place. The results are always different because everyone is unique. 

If you'd like to work with Kelly you may book your free 30 minute brand clarity session here so that we can discuss your vision, message & goals in order to propel you forward. The before & after will be remarkable!